Six Reasons to Read The Good Fight

1. To understand why the Chifley Research Centre’s Inclusive Prosperity Report is so important to the battle of ideas over economic inequality.

The Good Fight details the rise of trickledown economics in Australia and the radicalisation of the right of Liberal Party and the BCA and argues the need for inclusive growth if Australia is to remain a prosperous and fair country.


2. You will have an arsenal to blow away anyone that claims Tories are better managers of the economy

Admittedly, Treasurer Joe Hockey has almost single-handedly demolished this myth himself!  But, The Good Fight details how Labor’s time in office was overwhelmingly a story of successful economic management. If the Coalition had been driving the bus in 2008-09 Australia would have had double digit unemployment.


3. You’ll find out about the cameo played by Jimi Hendrix as your Labor government swiftly framed the first stimulus package

Hint: I was sitting in the basement bedroom of an Australian Embassy official’s house in Washington which belonged to a teenager because it had the only available secure phone.


4. Get the inside story of how Malcolm Turnbull and notorious Treasury leaker Godwin Grech (in cahoots with News Corp) tried to pull off a coup d’état

They tried to knock over a democratically elected government, but the plot spectacularly exploded in their faces.


5. Discover how the music of Bruce Springsteen inspired a completely different approach to communicating our message about looking out for working people

The Boss is a modern day poet. Who better to illustrate our lifelong commitment to improving the conditions of pensioners, low and middle income earners?


6. Finish the book inspired by our mission of achieving social equality despite the all-powerful forces of vested interests

Get an in-depth understanding of the cabal of powerful alliances and networks that seek to run the country for their own benefit, to the detriment of everyday Australian families.

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