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09 Dec 2016

Media Release - Response to Tony Makin's Report

The leaking of a report by Professor Tony Makin prepared for the Treasury today shows just how desperate the Turnbull Government has become.

The report is a little more than a reheating of Professor Makin’s 2014 “analysis” which was thoroughly debunked by Treasury at the time and is still available on the Treasury website.

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09 Dec 2016

Media Release - Liberal’s Unfunded Corporate Tax Cut Undermined By ATO Data Showing Widespread Tax Minimisation & Evasion

Today’s Corporate Transparency Report from the Australian Tax Office, a product of legislation introduced under Labor, shows 700 or 36 per cent of Australian public and foreign-owned companies as well as Australian owned private companies paid no tax in 2014-15. 

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16 Nov 2016

Transcript - World Today


ELEANOR HALL: Wayne Swan has written an opinion piece in response to the US Election saying that, Donald Trump’s victory sends quote, ‘a final warning to major Australian political parties’. Mr Swan spent several months earlier this year working a report into inequality and inclusive prosperity and he says the massive increases in wealth and power for those at the very top of societies like the US and increasingly Australia, pose a threat to democracy.

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10 Nov 2016

Transcript - Doorstop Interview (Parliament House, Canberra)

SUBJECT/S: US Election, Economic Inequality

WAYNE SWAN: I just wanted to make a few points about the Presidential election result in the States because I think there is a warning, there's a lesson for democracy throughout the western world in this result. Essentially over the last forty years growing inequality of wealth and income distribution has poisoned our political system.

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13 Oct 2016

Transcript - Doorstop Interview (Parliament House, Canberra)

SUBJECT/S: Multinational Tax Evasion

Wayne Swan: Yesterday I spoke about the use of tax havens and tax shields such as Singapore. I was pleased and surprised I guess to have my remarks endorsed by Kelly O'Dwyer. It's a rare thing in the Parliament to have a government repudiate their own policy.

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26 Aug 2016

Transcript - CNBC Squawkbox

BERNIE LO: Wayne Swan is former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia and joins us live from Brisbane. Wayne thank you for joining us this morning its good to see you its been a while but you paid as much attention as anybody did to the decision by Treasurer Morrison denying the access to the consortium for Ausgrid. Your thoughts? Was it xenophobia or did it make sense?

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22 Aug 2016

Transcript - RN Breakfast

FRAN KELLY: A new paper from what’s called the Inclusive Prosperity Commission says unless inequality is tackled seriously in Australia, the nation’s economic growth, as well as our social cohesion, will be threatened.

The paper is called Inequality: The Facts and The Future. It’s released this morning and the Chair of the Inclusive Prosperity Commission is Wayne Swan, Labor’s federal treasurer for six years. He joins us in our Parliament House studios. Wayne Swan, welcome back to Breakfast.

WAYNE SWAN: Good morning, Fran.

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17 Aug 2016

Transcript - Sky News AM Agenda

KIERAN GILBERT: This is AM Agenda. With me now is the former Labor Treasurer Wayne Swan. Mr Swan, thanks very much for your time.

Chris Bowen says it’s a stunt from Malcom Turnbull but isn’t he just saying that Bill Shorten needs to be good to his word? You said you would back the cuts during the election now you should vote for them.

WAYNE SWAN: Well, I’ve only seen the article in

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19 Jun 2016

Media Release - Brighton Foreshore Upgrade

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12 Apr 2016

Media Release - Community to Shape Future of Eventide

The Palaszczuk Government is delivering on its commitment to consult with the community about the future of Eventide.After a significant community campaign against the LNP’s program of closures and bulldozing, residential aged care at Eventide is here to stay.

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