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Transcript - Podcast with Katharine Murphy

June 01, 2017

MURPHY: So I thought we’d start – because obviously you had a very intense period in the last Labor government as being the Treasurer in that government. Since Labor has come in to opposition, you’ve done quite a lot of work and activism around the subject of inequality. Why? Why has that become a sort of central preoccupation of what you’ve done?

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Transcript - NAIF (May 2017) [Parliament House Doorstop]

May 30, 2017

Last night I spoke in the Parliament about the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility and pointed out that it is nothing more than a National Party slush fund - a $5 billion dollar to a National Party slush fund, without all of the checks and balances that usually come with a government finance corporation. Its unprecedented how that amount of money allocated to a government corporation without the Minister for Finance being there supe...

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Transcript - Budget 2017 [Parliament House Doorstop]

May 10, 2017

I want to deal with the three lies behind Scott Morrison's budget, firstly the lie that the NDIS was not fully funded. The NDIS was fully funded by Labor in the 2013-14 Budget and the notion that we would increase the Medicare Levy to fund the NDIS is nothing but pure fiction, what Scott Morrison is doing is increasing taxes on all Australians to pay for his budget mismanagement and in particular he's knocked off the levy on higher income e...

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Transcript - Government's Economic Policy [Parliament House Doorstop]

March 30, 2017

[A freeze on the minimum wage] is just a recipe for growing inequality and political polarisation. This is a government of the one percent, by the one percent, for the one percent. Right around the world there is a recognition that the economic policy of this Government and other conservatives that we should give tax cuts to the rich and wage cuts to low and middle income earners is a recipe for economic failure.

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Transcript - NAIF (Mach 2017) [Parliament House Doorstop]

March 29, 2017

Just quickly on the recovery and reconstruction of North Queensland post Cyclone Debbie, we're still in the event but what we learnt during Cyclone Yasi is that we need all tiers of government working together. The federal government, the state government, the local government working very closely together and we also need the federal government to be really clear about the resources that it will make available in the medium term and the lo...

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Transcript - RN Breakfast [Inequality]

March 02, 2017

Well going down the American Road is going down a road of massive concentration of income and wealth at the top, a hollowed out middle class and the creation of a vast army of working power so growing inequality in America and in other parts of the developed world just eats away the heart of society; it breeds disdain, it breeds envy, it breeds hopelessness and it breeds resentment. And that's precisely what we've seen in the United States, th...

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