• Transcript - Class Act Podcast Part 4: Don't Mention It
  • RICHARD AEDY: This time we'll hear about why we don't talk about class, but we listen when other people do. There's also some ideas on what we can do about inequality, and what might be the beginning of a return to facing up to class, something we've done in Australia for most of the past 230 years – just not for the last 30.
  • April 05, 2018

  • Transcript - Tonightly with Tom Ballard
  • TOM BALLARD: My guest tonight served as Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer. In Februrary, he announced he’d be leaving Parliament after two decades as the Member for Lilley. And he’s running for the role of President of the Australian Labor Party. Here he is in Parliamentary action.
  • April 05, 2018

  • The Needier Need a Meatier Media
  • Bernie Sanders rightly rails against the US corporate media for uncritically amplifying Donald Trump, the man with the loudest megaphone in the world, while the voices of the people worst hit by the US President’s policies are increasingly choked off.
  • March 19, 2018