Article - The Economy Is Balanced On A Knife Edge

October 24, 2016

The spectre of Tony Abbott continues to haunt the Australian political landscape. As surely as his presence is a threat to Malcolm Turnbull’s tenuous Prime Ministership, so too are his policy positions poisonous to Australia’s national interest. Earlier this month, the nominally ‘former’ Prime Minister reminded Australians of the threat that his economic views still pose to the nation. While carefully distancing himsel...

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Article - Inclusive Prosperity Dealing With the Perils of Wealth & Income Inequality

August 26, 2016

If there is one global political and economic lesson to be drawn from the Brexit experience and the rise of Sanders and Trump let it be this; we ignore the distributional outcomes of globalisation and unfettered market capitalism at our peril.   Distributional concerns are the traditional preserve of the political left but the political right should now be just as concerned about the distributional impact of globalisation and unfettere...

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Article - Pigs Might Fly

August 06, 2016

Amid the public outrage caused by the banks profiteering off the 80 per cent of $1.4 trillion worth of home loans, there are larger, more serious long-term issues of public policy and financial stability at stake.

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Article - Fairly Sharing the Benefits of growth: Australian Leadership in the G20

August 03, 2016

Australia’s international engagement reached a new high when we were admitted to the modern G20 on a temporary basis at the end of 2008 and a permanent basis later in 2009. This was a momentous change in global governance and, in my view, Australia’s greatest foreign policy achievement since the founding of APEC 19 years earlier.  It opened up global decision making to the disenfranchised developing world and gave a middle pow...

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Article - Inclusive Prosperity Should Be Popular, Not Populist

July 16, 2016

As voters in the UK brace for the impact of Brexit and US citizens contemplate the candidacy of Donald Trump, in Australia Malcolm Turnbull’s government has fallen over the line after a long and lifeless Coalition campaign.

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Article - Cutting corporate tax won't create jobs. It's yesterday's solution to our problems

June 01, 2016

Australian jobs have never faced a greater threat than they do under Malcolm Turnbull’s government. Almost 40 years after trickle-down economics was introduced in the US and UK under Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, Malcolm Turnbull has sought to import an even purer form of this foreign product into Australia.

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