Speech - Constituency Statement (NBN) (1)

July 27, 2018

Last February, I raised matters in the House about the quality and rollout of the NBN in the electorate of Lilley. Since then, there has been no significant improvement.

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Speech - Trickledown Economics and Inequality in Australia (ACTU Congress)

July 18, 2018

In the movie The Wild One, Marlon Brando’s character is famously asked: “What are you rebelling against?” Brando coolly responds – as only Brando can – “What’ve you got?”

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Speech - Appropriation Bill (No. 1) 2018-19

May 29, 2018

At the heart of this budget is what I'd call the Turnbull trickle-down trifecta—that is, massive tax cuts for the wealthy, very large tax cuts for large corporates and, of course, wage suppression for everybody else.

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Speech - Adjournment Debate (BHP)

May 23, 2018

Members will note that it isn’t my first time speaking in this House about BHP’s questionable tax practices. Far from it. But my mentions of BHP in the House are nothing compared with the resources and political muscle that it’s using to continue to eat away, like a tax termite, at the integrity of our company tax and royalties system.

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Speech - Centenary of Armistice

May 21, 2018

This year marks the Centenary of Armistice, which commemorates the peace brought by the end of the First World War in 1918.

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Speech - Budget 2018 and Beyond

May 15, 2018

Last week’s Budget and the ongoing Banking Royal Commission are a potent reminder and an insight into the type of Government we’ve got. A Government which, by its actions and at every turn, has set about pounding the lives of working people, and which exists solely to serve the demands of an overpaid and overpowered corporate elite.

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