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Media Release - Corporate Tax Avoidance Impoverishes Us All

December 18, 2015

The release of today’s corporate tax figures, a consequence of legislation passed by Labor in 2013, gives us a broad snapshot of the corporate taxation landscape in Australia.

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ADF Deal A Huge Blow To Brisbane’s Defence Personnel

November 27, 2014

The Abbott Government has forced Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel on Brisbane's Northside to accept a real pay cut, while also losing precious recreational and Christmas leave in the lead up to the holiday period. Federal Member for Lilley Wayne Swan said it was a disgrace that the Government could send our servicemen and women into harm's way and at the same time force them to take a pay cut.

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Transcript - CNBC Interview

November 18, 2014

First of all I’m really proud of what our city achieved over the weekend. It was fantastic, the logistics were good, and I think there was a really good debate. The importance of the G20 is that leaders can speak out loudly about the big global issues, they can do it or public or they can do it in private, and we had a bit of both at the G20 this weekend.

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Lilley Family Day Care Services Face Funding Cuts

October 15, 2014

Two family day care services in Lilley are facing uncertainty as the Abbott Government slashes funding for early child care services. In the Abbott Government's first Budget, $1 billion in funding has been cut from early child care services. Of that $1 billion, $157 million will be slashed from family day care funding.

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