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Media Release BHP’s Tax Evasion and its agreement with the Australian Tax Office

November 20, 2018

BHP’s status as one of Australia’s largest tax evaders is laid bare by the settlement with the Tax Office of disputes which go back to 2003. This settlement confirms what BHP has repeatedly denied – Its Singapore marketing hub was used for tax evasion using transfer pricing. I first raised these matters in the parliament in September 2015. BHP’s duplicity and hypocrisy was laid bare in a Senate tax inquiry in 2015. And since then at every tu...

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Transcript - National Wrap (Preselections & Quotas)

September 16, 2018

PATRICIA KARVELAS: Nick Greiner and Wayne Swan, welcome to National Wrap.

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Transcript - SBS World News (GFC)

September 15, 2018

HOST: It’s ten years since the collapse of US Bank Lehman Brothers – widely seen as the pivotal event of the Global Financial Crisis. A decade on, it’s feared the seeds of another crisis are growing, with not enough lessons learned from that tumultuous period.

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Transcript - Sky News AM Agenda (Lehman Brothers)

September 14, 2018

KIERAN GILBERT: With me now, the former Treasurer Wayne Swan. Ten years on from the collapse of Lehman Brothers. It’s hard to think that it’s been as long as that, but what’s your reflection on the days of those dramatic events at the end of 2008 and the start of 2009?

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Transcript - ABC RN Breakfast (Lehman Brothers)

September 14, 2018

FRAN KELLY: Ten years ago tomorrow, September 15 2008, global markets were shaken by the collapse of the Wall Street bank, Lehman Brothers.

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Transcript - ABC The Business (Lehman Brothers)

September 13, 2018

CARRINGTON CLARKE: The collapse of Lehman Brothers sent shudders down the spines of politicians around the world. Here in Australia, the Labor Government decided to go hard and go early, implementing a huge stimulus package and guaranteeing bank deposits. Wayne Swan was the Treasurer in 2008, and he says time has proven that the government’s action saved Australia from recession.

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