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Transcript - ACTU Congress Press Conference

July 18, 2018

SALLY MCMANUS: Australia needs a pay rise. Australians deserve a pay rise. And we’re not going to get that pay rise unless working people have a stronger voice at work, stronger rights to bargain.

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Transcript - Sky News (Mark Latham and One Nation)

July 10, 2018

LAURA JAYES: Live to Brisbane now; Labor Party President Wayne Swan joins us live. Mr Swan, is Richo [Graham Richardson] right?

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Doorstop - Desperate Malcolm Turnbull

July 07, 2018

This afternoon at the Liberal National Party conference in Brisbane, we saw a very desperate Prime Minister. A Prime Minister who was hurling abuse at his political opponents as a camouflage for the massive cuts to health and education, particularly here in Queensland which are going to flow from decisions this Prime Minister has taken.

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Media Release - Statement on the Hon Jenny Macklin MP

July 06, 2018

Today we pay tribute to our dear friend and colleague Jenny Macklin, who has announced she is standing down from the shadow ministry, and will not re-contest the seat of Jagajaga at the next federal election.

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Transcript - ABC Insiders

July 01, 2018

ANNABEL CRABB: Wayne Swan, nice to have you back on Insiders.

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Transcript - Pauline Hanson Voting with the Coalition [Parliament House Doorstop]

June 27, 2018

Labor has never supported tax cuts for big business. They come with a huge cost – $80 billion dollars – and that money will inevitably be ripped out of health and education. But I see this morning Pauline Hanson has said that she's going to jump into bed with the coalition on the big company tax cuts.

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